After the parties and indulgences of the festive period, we often breathe a sigh of relief when January greets us with a welcome a chance to take a breath and look to what lies ahead for the New Year. This season, as we continue to nurture our organic approach, we will also be looking to what we have come to learn is perhaps one of the most important relationship in our lives today – the relationship between our bodies and our mind.

Day on day, week on week we uncover evermore insights into the connection between our body and our mind. No longer is it feasible to look at them as separate entities, for neither can function at capacity without the health of the other. This season at Daylesford we continue to celebrate what we have always believed in, and that is a true connection with nature. A connection with the organic ingredients that nourish us, the activities that awaken us and the quietness that restores us – health as a whole and nurturing that simple symbiotic relationship between body and mind.


bone brothsGO SLOW 


What we eat has an immediate and often dramatic effect on our mood. In some cases, this can be a quick chemical reaction, while in others, a lengthier effect linked with the onset of depression and anxiety. At Daylesford we are passionate about slowing down virtually every element of our relationship with food, from the way that it is grown in our organic Market Garden and on our pastures, to the method in which it is simmering, leavened, matured or fermented by our artisans and chefs – even enjoying a it over lengthy lunches in our farmshops and cafés. Every nurturing element that goes into each of these areas is an element that will affect our mood and mental health in one way or another.

This year, take time to:

DIGITALLY DETOX: Did you know that when you enjoy a meal, you absorb more nutritional value from it? So put down your smartphones and laptops and turn off the television. Enjoy your meal, revel in its natural flavours and your body will thank you for it.

COOK SLOWLY: Nobody tends to think of a good stew as a superfood but really it can be. Made with meat on the bone such as oxtail, a stew or ragu is rich in essential collagen which is not only anti-inflammatory, but it also has a hugely positive effect on our gut lining and joints.


They got the link between saturated fat and cholesterol really wrong. Pulling us away from our traditional dripping, butter and olive oil did us no good at all, in fact, it did us a lot of harm. Fats help reduce inflammation and can leave you feeling nourished warm and satisfied. A lack of satisfaction, boredom, too much sugar and poor nutrition spins you into overeating. Keep yourself nourished and satisfied with clean traditional fats and you might be surprised at how well it stabilises your appetite.

This year, take time to:

ADD BUTTER: Stir Daylesford butter through your fresh organic vegetables or melt with capers and lemon to pour over grilled sardines on Danish rye. Good organic butter in moderation is not the enemy.

EMBRACE NUTS: Press nuts into homemade almond milk and warm with gentle spices before bed. Being a fantastic source of magnesium as well as healthy fats it is incredibly soothing for the nervous system. A warm mug-full will undoubtedly aid you into a restful night’s sleep.





We all know that tiredness, low mood and stress are related and each of these elements play a role in maintaining both the health of our body and mind. Iron is a key nutrient for energy and still remains one of the most common deficiencies in the world.

This year, take time to:

ENJOY VENISON: Lean wild cuts of meat such as venison are some of the richest food sources of iron. Vitamin C increases our ability to absorb iron so venison stew spritzed with clementine juice to freshen at the end might be an excellent deep winter blood building dish.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF: When energy levels are low, be sure to offer your body the time and the care to recover. If you feel low or exhausted take time to switch off, enjoy a yoga class, take a moment to meditate or make time for a simple walk in the fresh air.



So join us this season as we take the time to celebrate and nurture our approach to the wider meaning of wellbeing. As part of this theme will be hosting various supper clubs, discussions, workshops and cookery classes throughout January and February and so look forward to welcoming some of you then.

January EVENTS:

cavolo3rd February – B Whole healthy cookery and spa day 

12th – Nutrition & Mindfulness with Xochi Balfour

23rd January – Daylesford Discusses: Feeding Your Body & Mind

28th January – FEED YOUR BODY & MIND SUPPER CLUB in the Cotswolds

7th, 15th & 27th – Eat to be Healthy Courses at our Cookery School


February EVENTS:

10th February – Willow Crossley Floristry Workshop

22nd February – Daylesford Book Club 

23rd February – Feed your body and mind supper club in Pimlico