Farm Organically

We farm towards 100% self sufficiency (free from outside inputs). We already strive to be truly sustainable by using no pesticides or fertilisers, creating wildlife habitats, harvesting rainwater, and by practicing animal husbandry of the highest welfare standards. We feed all our ruminant livestock (lamb, dairy, beef and venison) with organic, GM-free produce grown on our own farm. Find out more about how we farm organically.

Source Responsibly

We pride ourselves on providing food which tastes the best, is perfectly natural and wholly fair to the producer. When not from our farm, we source from partner farms who share our values. Our food is mostly local and organic, never air-freighted, and always in-line with the best ethical sourcing credentials. Find out more about our sourcing.

Package Lightly

It’s simple; our packaging needs to be light on the earth’s resources, light in transport, and light on post-use footprint. That’s why we do our best to use natural and recycled materials, with functional designs that can be reused, recycled or composted. Find out more about our packaging.

Protect Natural Resources

We’ve only got one planet, so we mustn’t abuse it. Since 2009 we have been committed to year-on-year reductions in fossil fuel usage and carbon emissions. We’re also on the way to ‘zero-waste to landfill’ – helped by better packaging and lots more composting. Find out more about how we protect natural resources.

Give Back

This can’t be a solo effort; everyone has to get involved. That’s why the Daylesford Foundation was set up. It raises awareness of the need for healthy soil, healthy food and healthy living, via special projects with communities, individuals and school children.

The businesses at Daylesford support the Foundation in many ways. Our chefs, growers, farmers and environmental scientist provide expert advice and skills to the Foundation’s projects, whilst 5% of the revenue from every bottle of Daylesford’s water sold goes to fund new and exciting charitable projects, through the Foundation’s grants programme. We welcome any great ideas to fund projects that fit within our priority areas.

More recently, the Daylesford Foundation has focused on delivering a new concept called AGRICOLOGY. This knowledge sharing platform provides unrivalled access to the best information on practical, sustainable farming regardless of labels. Steered by the Daylesford Foundation, Organic Research Centre and Game and Wildlife Conservation’s Allerton Project, the Agricology partners champion good farming practice based on ecological principles. Richard Smith, our farm manager, is Chairman of the Steering Group.