When Chinese Emperor Shennong began the very first adventure into the world of tea, he could not have known what an impact his chance discovery would have over 3000 years later.

It is said that while Emperor Shennong was resting by his campfire, a gust of wind blew leaves from a nearby Camellia Sinensis bush (from which all tea derives) into a pot of water boiling on the fire. The Emperor watched the leaves simmer before drinking from the pot. After careful consideration he pronounced the drink delicious, and so it goes that the story of tea began.

Over the centuries that followed, nations were built on tea while traditions, cultures, trading routes, skills, knowledge, passion and a great love for this ancient drink developed with truly artisan expertise.

Across the world, tea is a drink of ceremony and today it is a unifying cup to which we turn in times of
 joy, discussion, difficulty, empathy, togetherness, peacefulness, recovery, recuperation and celebration.

Just as was the case with Emperor Shennong, the first adventure into the age-old world of tea for Daylesford was one filled with awe, excitement and great fascination. We fell in love with the complex flavours and the senses they summon – deep, earthy oolongs to warm and satisfy; bright, grassy green teas to refresh; sumptuously malted breakfast blends and smoky Lapsang to awaken; delicate floral aromas of white tea and restorative blends of botanical herbs, spices and flowers to soothe, calm and relax.

Our new range of 15 varieties of organic teas and herbal infusions from across the world celebrate
 our ongoing journey with this vital drink. Shop our new range online or in our farmshops or join us for our new afternoon tea experience in our farmshops where we hope that you can come to know and enjoy the unique personalities each tea and herbal infusion as we have.



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