James Hearfield, Head Tutor

The Cookery School is led by James Hearfield, who is in his fifth year here at Daylesford. James brings with him a wealth of experience as a food lover, chef and inspiring tutor. Having worked throughout the United Kingdom, James loves the relationship that Daylesford nurtures between the land and the food that we cook. From day-to-day, James spends time talking with those who make, rear and grow our organic produce to make sure that we are using the very best seasonal ingredients throughout the year. James’ philosophy of allowing our wonderful ingredients to do the talking, cooking simply and imparting maximum flavour in all of our recipes, is integral to The Cookery School’s ethos.

Jason Christie, Tutor

Jason joined The Cookery School in late 2016 after returning from a year studying at The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy where he gained a deep understanding of the importance of organic farming and sustainable methods of food production. He has a wealth of practical cookery knowledge gathered over ten years spent in kitchens across the UK and abroad and is a firm believer in clean, fairly produced ingredients. He has been the creative force behind some of our newest courses at The Cookery School, such as Ferments to Eat & Drink.


James has been part of the Daylesford food team since 2015, initially as the sous chef in the Café kitchen before seizing the opportunity to join the Cookery School. As passionate about eating good food as cooking it, Yorkshire-born James spends all day in the kitchen at Daylesford before going home to create nourishing, unfussy meals for his family. He believes that you’re never too young to appreciate good, simple food and never too old to start learning to cook it! James brings to the table a passion for home curing, years of experience in some of the best restaurants in the Cotswolds and a ready supply of dad jokes.


rhaya jordan, in-house nutritionist

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